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****As of March 6th 2019 we are not accepting new account registration until we begin trial testing which will happen between March 10th up to roughly March 20th. Please do not register or open an account until this notice is removed or you may follow us on Twitter @blastofourpast where we will formally announce that we are accepting new account registration****


BlastofourPast FAQs

Our FAQs will be published by March 15th 2019 so all online resellers can start selling and reselling!!

1. What is BlastofourPast?

(A)Blastofourpast.com is an online seller marketplace with an emphasis on selling antique, vintage and handmade goods. Any items or products on our website(s) or in our marketplace made by independent sellers are manufactured and sold by manufacturers or our independent sellers with the exception of any products, or merchandise sold directly by Blastofourpast through our store on blastofourpast.com or our website shopblastofourpast.com

2. How do I log on AFTER I have created a seller account.

(A) On each page on the upper right corner you will find the words Sign in and that is where you can logon or sign in after you have registered.  Registration is automatic so you do not need to look in your email for an activation link. After signing in you will see a dashboard where you can add products.

3. Where do I go to create a seller account?

(A) You need to go to the menu and click on Seller Account.  You do not need to enter your banking information. 

4. What kind of products can I sell?

(A) You can sell antiques, vintage and handmade products.  While vintage is defined as the 1960s and 1970s here on blastofourpast.com you can sell products that are made from the year 2000 OR before.

5. (Q) Can I import my items from eBay or Etsy?

(A) At this time you can not import your items from eBay or Etsy but we hope to make this available by June of 2019.

6. I am a seller can I make my own return policies.

(A) YES!! We strongly believe here at blastofourpast that it is YOUR business.  If you want to have NO returns the buyer has to respect that.  The rules are yours to make and you will have to however deal with paypal as we do not control their decision on how they deal with cases.

7.  What if a buyer or seller rips me off?

(A) You must work it out with the customer.  The customer may go to paypal or the credit card processor and open up a case against you.  Since we are letting you the seller set your own store policy we do not get involved with customer disputes.  Either a buyer or seller may contact management at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to alert us of any abusive language or other abusive behavior.  Since we are in the beginning growth stage of this venture we will be paying close attention to feedback from buyers and sellers to determine future rule changes 

8. Will my seller performance be used to evaluate whether or not my account is in good standing?  

(A) We do not have a seller ranking system.  We believe that selling art vintage and handmade goods is supposed to be fun yet professional.  We do not want the seller to build up a nice business in our marketplace and have to worry every month about an evaluation.  We believe you will be evaluated by your customers and they will determine your success!!

9. Do you hold seller funds the first 90 days of opening an account?

(A) NO! No! No!  Again, it is your business and when you open up a brick store nobody freezes your funds for 90 days.  That being said we will be paying attention to the threat of scamsters and buyers and sellers that are abusive  It is in our Terms of Use that blastofourpast reserves the right to terminate any account at any time so if we have to many complaints against a buyer or seller for serious issues like nonpayment, fraud or failure to ship purchased items your account may be terminated immediately.

10.What if a seller refuses to refund a buyer for an item that arrived damaged or was not as described.

(A) The buyer must contact their credit card company or paypal to dispute the item.  BlastofourPast does not control the seller's store policies.  We will have a seller and buyer feedback system in place by the end of April 2019 which will help buyers and sellers decide who to do business with.

11. Your site states artist can sell handmade goods yet the category I sell in is not listed or available!

(A) Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and recommend us a category or subcategory!! We will more than likely oblige.

12. Here is our Privacy Policy.

13. Here are our Terms of Use.


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